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24:33Here Are the 2020 Doug Awards! (Best Car, Worst Car, etc.)
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  • i want one!

  • Ya covered the XJ - my intro video to your channel. Finally covering its Japanese cousin! Thank you

  • I knew someone with a black one of these! We called it the hearse haha

  • This is one of my favorite cars to drive or modify in Forza 7. Stock it’s still very quick with tons of torque everywhere even though it “feels” lazy with a low redline and LONG gear ratios.

  • The cynical apparatus possibly wink because agreement clasically peep excluding a creepy butane. responsible, slippery math

  • I guess I'm completely off base but I think it's a really nice-looking car

  • Reliability rating two out of five! All you need to know. Nice luxury car, but only at a glance.

  • 17:09

  • It looks pretty and very mclareny which might be an issue as it's not very unique, plus interior is godawful. The engine might be not a V8 but it's not your regular V6 either, it's so unique even F1 cars used them only briefly in the 60's and 80's. Still, even at 120° angle V6 has primary imbalances, solved by single balance shaft in this McLaren. V8 still would be perfect design for performance.

  • Looks like and E-lectronic BLACK board... t=13:54

  • I want it! I had a 2016 X1 and loved it…I think the exterior of the Mach E is definitely reminiscent.

  • This guy is a bit of a tool. He's criticizing things that are not really a problem to any normal person. He doesn't even know how to use the air vents. What's wrong with having a symmetrical dash? Makes perfect sense. Okay, it's not to everyone's taste, but show me a car for the same price that is. I miss my PT cruiser, 2007, 2.2litre turbo diesel, manual, loads of torque, 50+mpg, built in Austria, had 72000m and never had a problem with it. Not sure if the Mexican ones were badly built or something as my UK one was really robust.

  • In 3 years you can buy it for 10.k and you will Be added to the recall list for life.

  • Doug, obviously you haven't talked to a Hummer owner. I haven't talked to one Hummer owner that said their vehicle was embarrassing. Nah, you are wrong on that one.

  • Doesn’t look anything like the S-Class of the time in my opinion

  • HDMI port for DVD players? Do Americans not realize that you can plug your Android phone using HDMI to USB-C cable so you can mirror your phone? Especially if you use a Samsung phone.

  • 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️ the rear “spoiler” is not for downforce its there as a dust deflector to help keep the rear window clean and to also help stop exhaust fumes coming into the cabin while the window is down

  • Who has watched scotty kilmers review of a 4runner with 386K miles

  • This car was really cool when it first came out but for some reason it’s really popular with taxi companies here in Sweden and now it just looks bland

  • I do not like the gear buttons

  • Lets put it like this... its far, far better than a ... Yugo....

  • I unironically really like the way it looks

  • Dumb-ass car for dumb asses.

  • I dont...

  • Ive seen this car so much, and I totally hated it

  • The yellow ones look like "special" buses.

  • “Oh is it a quirk fest in here” - Doug DeMuro May 16, 2019

  • Oh I hate hill-climb assist features... at least it is manual here.. I hate that I can properly ride the clutch and the bloody thing interferes with that in the mini cooper I want to pull away and it holds me back for too long :D

  • Wanna fall asleep while driving your Tesla... watch Doug review the ID4. 😴

  • I have ZERO trust in VW after their MPG scandal a few years back. This car is simply NOT ready for prime time. 50k for this buggy junk? No thanks. Get a Tesla, you won't be sorry.

  • Look like a peugeot 3008 from the side

  • basically its a delta 88 without a trunk... and whoever at GM who named it was definatly high....

  • Including a 4runner, or surf as mine is badged. I have 7 90s Toyotas. All except my Celica GT 4 have the same steering wheel. Fun fact for you.

  • I like elements of it but the interior design just looks like a mess to me.

  • This guy has the audacity to actually mock someone else or something else? SMH. I guess ignorance is bliss.

  • Review the new century. It's amazing.

  • The rich comments are hilarious!

  • My Persian cousin, Always At The Top.

  • It's funny how he says he's nervous about driving it. B most cars he's nervous about are because they cost so much. This one he's nervous about because it might kill him.

  • back in the soviet union, you had to pick a wait-ticket from the goverment to get e free car for your work to the comunist cause, the wait was 30 to 50 years... 10 years if you were a "political friend" to the cause... god bless the capitalism

  • I have one for sale 03 Z06 in Cali hit my ig if interested @yinnev103😬

  • Funny I have one in LA, but I’m in Dallas now, anyone know of a decently priced car transport service?

  • Bet the DMV didn't even ask for ID, or insurance. Bet you they didn't even give him plates -- told him "don't know why you came here, just go on drive it"

  • Looks like a HONDA ELEMENT,,,,,without the reliability

  • But what happens if the 97' breaks down too?

  • Ой, Даг. Зря ты так про Волгу. Тут уже вон бомбящие недоумки собрались тебя какашками закидать. Русские очень не любят, когда их критикуют. И особенно когда критикуют их машины.

  • T.50 has seats like this!

  • Imagine if he puts out a RC control and really drive the car with it

  • One of my friends had one and sold it. He regretted doing that and ended up buying another; wasn't in as good condition as the one he let go though.

  • Comrade, if you have ash tray and gas pedal, you have car.

  • Buddy of mine owned a '97 4-Runner -- automatic, not manual. He bought it at a salvage auction -- original owner totaled it somehow -- with a bit over 30,000 miles on it. He rebuilt it himself, got a salvage title for it, and proceeded to put 350,000 miles on it!! These things are tough!

  • Way too dramatic sounding got aggravated

  • 10 seconds of 12 cylinder Ferrari sound in this video and you decide to shout over it?!?!

  • Amazing to think these sold for the same price as a Chevy Blazer, GMC Jimmy and Ford Explorer. How many V6 second\third gen Explorers do you see left on the road... I had a 2000 V8 Mountaineer and while I loved it and the engine\transmission was quite reliable compared to the disastrous V6 models, the door locks malfunctioned, the rear wiper never made contact with the window, the twin piston brake calipers didn't wear pads evenly, the interior bits disintegrated with time, the electronics from gauge cluster lighting to the radio always malfunctioned and the only remedy for the squeaks, creeks and rattles was to turn the volume up on said malfunctioning radio.

  • 😀

  • Review the 97-01 Honda CR-V! It has way more quirks and features!!!!

  • granturismo 2 <3

  • Now thats a great car. So much for expensive BMW and Mercedes Shit

  • if you press with 2 fingers on the heat adjust thing, it turns on heated seat

  • Such a weird car! 3speed auto RV trans, putting the car in park with your left hand would be weird as hell too. There's not much room in that thing either! Designed just like a cockpit. I could invision the middle lock radar on the windshield!😂How cool is the Hour meter too!👍😁

  • wow.... I have owned Porsche... this is crap compared to my c8

  • I implore you please stop making videos thankyou🚫

  • i will buy it after 4 years when it will be depreciated to its half price. Scotty Kilmer. hahhahaha

  • I was born in eastern Germany and drove a Trabant. it was very easy to fix. if something was broken, an average man could fix it himself. there were few other cars. therefore, the rule of thumb was: better to drive badly than to go well. nevertheless i wouldn’t get into such a car anymore because of the lack of safety.

  • 1:23 so, the right side wheels appear to be spinning really fast, while the rear left side wheel is stationary! :D

  • African leaders go to car

  • Those mid-late 2000s GM 5-spoke wheels are some of the best looking in automotive history IMO. They had them on the solstice, vette, camaro, etc.

  • Here's why its not worth $10mil

  • I was a kid when this came out and I remember looking through the dupont registry mag dreaming of this thing. And the Diablo VTTT

  • I hate that car.

  • It would be great if this guy wore some better clothes instead of dressing like he's going to walk his dog on a Sunday night. At least a pair of pants. Jesus

  • F

  • My two stroke 1976 Suzuki GT 550 made 54 horsepower.

  • “it sounds like a super car” yes doug, yes it does

  • Only thing they missed was allowing the roof to open... even if they woulda make it transitional to tint with sun light. Smh. Missed opportunity. I dont think a "skylight" will turn people off but i like to open my roof

  • wow, y does Lamborghini need so many y's?

  • Not going to the site, but I'd guess she will go no less than 23k.

  • It's a great looking car that had way more personality than the mediocre example mentioned in the beginning of the video. Pretty annoying host too.

  • It has cool basic something to it. Kind of like a Soviet version of a 70s Dodge Dart. I'm sure it drives at least as well as a Plymouth Reliant from the 80s, and I bet it's a more solidly built car.

  • This shoulda been called Model Z just to piss off tesla 😆